Functional Medicine

Science and evidence-based treatments and methods to help you add life to your years and years to your life.

Functional Medicine is the practice of preventative treatments and therapies that are designed to mitigate the overall effects of aging and reduce the risk of age-related disease. Dr. Egozi is a top surgeon in Miami that can help you.

As we age, our internal structure changes and modifies. In addition to these natural changes, during our lifetimes our bodies are constantly assaulted over by both internal and external factors. Our modern, fast-paced world affects our aging process through stress, toxins and environment. Even the products we use in our home can have an effect on our bodies and their aging.

We devote ourselves not only to addressing the underlying problems caused by aging, but also addressing the body holistically. We want to not only extend your years but add life to the years as well.

Our proven methods include Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and dietary, nutrition and lifestyle changes.


What is Functional Medicine?

When it comes to addressing chronic conditions and increasing our health and longevity, functional medicine is the most compelling advancement in modern health and wellness. As a surgeon I continue to use conventional medicine since I was trained that way, but I now employ the addition of functional medicine principals in my practice.

Why? Symptoms are clues our bodies give us when something is wrong and often times Western medicine treats symptoms while ignoring the underlying cause. As a result, many of us walk around each day wondering why we don’t feel “quite right”. And when conventional medicine tells us there is “nothing wrong” – at least nothing that they can find – we sadly believe that a suboptimal level of health is just our normal and that it is the best our bodies can achieve.

Here are some examples and differences in functional medicine.

  1. Functional medicine focuses on the whole, not the parts; addressing the underlying dysfunctions. Functional medicine addresses the underlying dysfunctions – getting to the root causes.
  2. Functional medicine doctors interpret conventional labs differently. Many people struggling with health issues go to their doctors only to find that their labs are “normal.” Normal is built around a range and is not enough to understand trends of symptoms or problems. Newer, more advanced tools and lab tests are accurate and available, which sheds light on unanswered questions. Functional medicine doctors share a “test, not guess” philosophy.
  3. A functional medicine doctor generally spends more one-on-one time with patients
  4. Functional Medicine customizes care. Functional medicine takes into account your DNA since we’re all designed a little differently, so what works for one person isn’t necessarily best for you. A tailored, comprehensive health program addresses you as the unique individual that you are.

Dr. Leon Egozi combines the best of conventional medicine with functional medicine and modern medicine modalities and testing! If you’re ready to take your health to the next level Call us at 305-534-2908. We can help.

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