Breast Cancer Surgery

Dr. Leon EgoziĀ is a highly trained, qualified, and experienced surgeon, well versed in the latest approaches to general surgical-care needs and techniques.

A highly qualified, experienced surgeon.

As a surgeon and a functional medicine physician, Dr. Egozi is able to combine the latest surgical techniques with the latest functional medicine advances to treat breast cancer. He treats breast diseases with natural functional medicine techniques to reduce the chances of developing breast cancer.

If breast cancer is diagnosed he is able to maximize success before, during and after the treatment. In collaboration with oncologists, he is able to individualize the care and have the best possible outcomes. Once the cancer is treated, Dr Egozi goes one step further and uses functional medicine to minimize the chances of recurrence.

Dr Egozi believes that the treatment of breast cancer does not end after the surgery or chemotherapy but continues with lifestyle changes in which he guides you every step of the way.

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A diagnose of cancer is daunting. That is why we offer unparalleled surgical experience and personalized, customized care for our patients. When considering surgery, we encourage you to call us to see how we can help you.

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